Potrero Kitchen Angle Sink

Unexpected pops of color and pattern abound in this cheery Potrero Hill home for a young family on the move. We fully renovated the kitchen, children’s bathroom, the primary suite and, in an effort to maximize the potential for every inch of the home, we even transformed a mechanical room into a jewel box of an office.

Photographer: David Duncan Livingston
Potrero Kitchen Coffee Station
Potrero Kitchen Marble Detail
Potrero Kitchen Marble Detail
Potrero Stove Backsplash
Potrero Toe Kick Drawer Detail
Potrero Sink Window
Potrero Compost Drawer Detail
Potrero Master Bedroom Seating
Potrero Master Bedroom Door Frame
Potrero Master Bath Shower Detail
Potrero Master Bath Vanity Detail
Potrero Guest Bath Vanity
Potrero Bath
Potrero Office Light Fixture
Potrero Office Angle
Potrero Office Detail